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I started this company strictlly with a passion for horses and a desire to develop a breeding program. With knowledge in the horse business and a successful career in sales, I was approached by friends that simply needed assistance selling their trail horses. This is where my consignment concept began. I then began to buy, sell, and trade good using, ranch and trail horses, all while purchasing ranch, rodeo, and cow-horse bred mares to breed to cutting bred studs. I have been able to build extraordinary relationships along the way, raise a handful of outstanding babies that are starting to go on and do great things, and I have purchased and placed numerous horses from other breeders that have gone on to be rodeo stars, or simply a part of the family.

I have learned a lot along the way, suffered loss, and failed, but I measure my success in the relationships I have made, and their steady mounts!

I will always have a very select group of top notch performance and prospects for sale, but consignments will only be taken on a very limited bases. If you need assistance finding a horse, please call or email.

Due to the current state of the breeding business, my partners at Royal Cattle Company will be significantly reducing their breeding efforts. Most mares, babies, yearlings, and young horses are for sale. Please call Grace Warner for more information. 

We also have several young horses from yearlings to started riding here in California that would make great ranch, rodeo, cutting, or versatility horses.  Please call Sami Jo Morisoli or Grace Warner for more information.

The horse industry still remains a very tough climate. My primary goal will always remain QUALITY OVER QUANTITY, HONESTY, and INTEGRITY.


Check out my GWHCC News Blog for updates and pictures!

References available on request.

Grace's Personal Thanks you's...The love of my life, Ron Prescott, for always pointing me in the best directon; Dad, Mom, and Ells, for understanding why my life has taken this direction;  Dale and Kathy Gomer for just simply knowing what I am all about and simply what it means to be "Gracie"; Sami Jo and the Morisoli family for being that much needed alternate family; For the Powells for being there at the beginning; and for my best friends Marea, Cherise, and Michelle, for simply being YOU.